Reel Boss

With our reel shoots, we provide full production services to create a high quality scene that truly highlights your acting ability and will jumpstart your demo reel. These scenes are made to look and feel as if they were plucked right out of a feature film.

A lot of actors we have worked with find it challenging to get good footage, or sometimes any tape at all, so we started this service as a fun and hands on experience to solve this problem. We care about what we do and are extremely pleased with the results of the scenes we have shot. We highly recommend checking out the examples below.

How It Works:

Decide if you’d like to do a one or two person scene - we recommend bringing an acting friend to add more on-screen dynamics. We will discuss your goals for the shoot and go over the script option you will be using. During pre-pro, we will help coordinate the details of your shoot including set, props, wardrobe, etc. On the day of your shoot, our team will work exclusively with you to capture the best footage possible of your scene. Give us about a week after we wrap, and you will have your fresh, new content ready to send out!


We are happy to help!